the art of seeing heaven

“Welcome to reflections of Heaven's Beauty on earth!

I pray you enjoy every minute you spend here,
be inspired, inhale the fragrance of Heaven and bask in its Beauty.”

the art of seeing heaven

what I do and why I do what I do

I am passionate about BEAUTY and LIFE - reflections of HEAVEN on earth. And I am passionate about the author of both BEAUTY and LIFE | GOD. I don't take pictures for the sake of taking technically perfected images; I capture life and beauty the way I see it that very moment. There is glorious beauty in everyone and in every couple, family or friendship. Sometimes it takes a while to find it but once you take the time and quiet to look for it, you will always find it ... and then it will hit you ... right in your face: glorious. Without words.

I do believe I got a divine gift of making pieces of Heaven visible on this earth with the pictures I take in a way no one else does. And that is why I do what I do: For the sake of showing you and everyone else how beautiful you really are.

This is my art - the art of seeing heaven.

the art of seeing heaven

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