Marriage to me is the most intimate and most vulnerable form of a promise of a lifetime. Trust in its rawest form. And the deepest form of unitiy. Having been married for more than a decade myself, I treasure this still and subtle intimacy more each day. Love larger than feelings. A decision. A promise.

To me, a wedding is definately not the most beautiful day of a lifetime - let's hope it isn't! But your wedding day is definately the start of a beautiful new life and that is worth celebrating it big time ... and yes: it is supposed to be one of the most beautiful days of your life so far. It is the sum of who the two of you have both been individually up to this day and the joyful anticipation of how those two rivers will form into one stream with vision and dedication.

“I intend to be a prophet for your marriage,
not merely the photographer of your wedding day.”

When capturing your wedding it is exactly that what I love to portrait: Your individual stories running into one. Your families, your friends, every little detail displaying your story up to this day ... and then the lookout on that new life as a new One out of two. Taking pictures that give you hope | prophecies and promises that not only capture the mere facts of the day but that have a lifelong meaning and drive for your marriage.

One of my big dreams always was to become a wedding planner ... now I get to be even more than that. What a privilege! Being there for you and with you from the moment you are getting ready | meeting the bride | giving your vows to celebrating your promise contains every detail of your day and I get to capture it all through the eyes of Heaven. I see you and the beauty of your families and friends in a way you might have never seen it before and I count it a big honor to be granted so much insight and trust. As outgoing as I am, I will try to always guard your intimacy, soothe you down or lift you up as needed and accompany you through your day with gentle care.

“In the end it is not the pictures we are after together. We are a team in unrolling the red carpet for your marriage in a beautiful story book written on your first day as ONE.

I count it an honor and privilege to be there for and with you on your big day.

Thank you for trusting me.”