Yes! You are a reflection of Heaven's Beauty.

We all know how it feels to not feel beautiful. But thank God He taught me something I will never let go again: the truth is that I AM BEAUTIFUL no matter what I feel like. Heaven's truths are uncompromising. It is our choice to decide whether we believe in them or trust more in a lie - a lie that society or someone might tell us. Years ago - after a long journey of insecurity and doubt about my own Beauty, I finally chose to believe the truth and never compromise it again. It was one of the best decisions I ever took in my life. Choosing the truth means choosing life. My mission is to show you the truth about your Beauty - about you. The choice to believe it is yours.

“The truth is that
no matter what you may feel like.”

When portraiting you, I always intend to capture more than just a picture of you. A portrait to me is more than merely making you look attractive. A good portrait sums up the essence of your being | of who you are | of how you were intended to be. One picture - or a series of pictures - telling your story and the glorious potential it holds in one sentence.