anja kirschner

beloved . passionate. reflecting. outgoing. meditating. blessed.

There is definately a lot more to say about me than that but if I had to put it in a nutshell, there it is. My life and whatever happens is framed by the fact that I am loved and blessed and I can rest in that.

My work and photography is not seperated from who I am. Whatever I do I do with my whole being. My art is a reflection of my life and what flows out of it to the people around me. Working with you is sharing a piece of my life - a piece of Heaven - with you and getting to know you; and out of that interaction reflections of Heaven are revealed.

anja kirschner | ak photography

some 'Private Facts' talk

Besides being a Germany-based but internationally travelling photographer I am

  • a beloved wife to a caring husband who's passionate about cycling, numbers and finances
  • a mother to three amazing sons
  • a "normal" house-wife, decorateur and gardener ( Seriously: there are times I just wanna do nothing but be home in our little haven doing the most ordinary things - breathing in the Beauty of that everyday-life of ours - Yes!: even cleaning and weeding can be an act of passionate Beauty! )
  • a lover of friendships with deep heart-to-heart-talks over a good cup of coffee
  • a Beloved of God

Including photography I wouldn't call any of the above bigger or of more importance than the other. All of them shape me while I have the privilege of shaping them. I don't come in categories. I am. And that is what you'll get: the whole package.

anja kirschner | ak photography

and yet a little bit more

  • I wear flip-flops all year round (yes, even in Germany!) ... and should it get too cold ( <1o°C ), Cowboy-Boots are the way to go
  • As far as music is concernded, Worship · American Country & Bach's Oboe-Concerts is me
  • I wear fake glasses and sunglasses as (hair) accessories ... just because
  • I consider cows to be beautiful creatures and never mind the smell of my son returning from the cow shed. (Back in the days of analog photography there came a day my husband lovingly stated that I had taken enough cow pictures for that particular phase of life and asked me to please stop for the sake of our - back then limited - finances and the proportion ratio in our photo-albums)
  • In my world Function always has to follow Form! Thank God my husband loves me enough to accept that and find good compromises despite his contrary opinion
  • My passport and diligent way of working might state that I am as German as one can get, but yet I have been mistaken for an American so many times in my life that I gladly take up the challenge and will love to serve you in the spirit of the Free and Brave - wheresoever in the world.

anja kirschner | ak photography